domenica 28 giugno 2009

The watermelon, "u muluni" and "gelo di mellone".

The dialect term “muluni”, or "Mellone" which in Italian is said anguria, is the watermelon.
In Sicily, simply turn to the countryside and see the great production, to understand the great love that is devoted to this fruit.

In Palermo you can enjoy the watermelon in one of the many kiosks in the city (and even near the sea), to the Foro Italico, the Cala, Corso Alberto Amedeo, etc,

where you can eat a huge slice of this fruit and truly in this case its exquisiteness is ensured.

"U muluni" can not miss during the feast of Santa Rosalia, where the people eat watermelon and “babbaluci” (snails seasoned with garlic and parsley.

By the watermelon is produced a delicious cake, “gelo di mellone”, which probably is originated from the "arberesch", coming from Albania and which has Arabic influences (the ingredients are, as well to the watermelon , cinnamon and jasmine).


Ingredients: 1 liter of water melon juice, 80gr starch, 200gr sugar, 1 sachet of vanilla, 1 stick of cinnamon, 1 tablespoon of holes jasmine, chocolate drops, pistachios.

Processing: Remove the peel and the blacks seeds and put in the blender the watermelon. Put in infusion the jasmine flowers in a little hot water. Put in a pot on the juice of watermelon, add the starch and dissolve it in cold. Add sugar, cinnamon and vanilla, turn on the cooker and mix, bring to boil, when it thickens turn off the fire and add the water of the jasmine. Pour into cups, to cool and then put in the fridge. Serve decorating the cups with cinnamon, chocolate drops, crushed pistachio and a jasmine flower.

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