giovedì 6 novembre 2008

"Pasta with sparacelli assassunati"

Another typical dish of Palermo is "a pasta with sparaceddi assassunati."

The "sparacelli" is a particular type of broccoli with large sprouts ( "giummi") and edible leaves. The term “Assassunati” derives from an ancient sauce (very cheap) used by Jewish communities on Sicily and then used from the "Monsù" (French chefs), to season ( "assaisonner") vegetables (see brochure published dall'aapit "Kitchen history and traditions "). The main ingredient of this sauce are the excellent Sicilian olive oil and garlic.

In Palermo we cooked with the assassunata sauce, the "sparacelli", the "broccoli" (cauliflower), the "giri" (chard) etc. The kind of pasta that is used for this dish is the “bucatini”, much appreciated in the kitchen of Palermo, perhaps because when you eat makes “u scrusciu” (noise), is certainly not a very refined image, but is part of our culture!
Sparacelli, extra virgin olive oil, two anchovy fillets, two cloves of garlic, salt and pepper.


Wash thoroughly the sparacelli. Cut into pieces the sprouts, and the leaves.Boil them for 10-15 minutes in salted water. Remove from water the sparacelli and place them in a dish. Put in a large frying pan olive oil, anchovy and two cloves of garlic cut into large pieces, fry slightly and then add the sparacelli and some 'pepper. Is ready in minutes.

Cook pasta in the cooking water of sparacelli, after ten minutes remove the pasta from the pot and put it in a pan with sauce. Put it in the dishes and… Good appetite!

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