sabato 23 maggio 2009

The Lake of "Piana degli Albanesi"

In Sicily the bigger reason of attraction is the sea because we are in an island and so we are surrounded , enveloped, cuddled by the sea. The sea that changes continuously, the coasts always different that follow the perimeter of this triangular land .

Our sea is beautiful, but often neglected, the sea that gives us life and food, the sea that promises future and freedom to those who want escape from an impossible life, but often betrays, becoming a place of death or of deportation. The sea is friend and enemy at the same time, it can be a great tear or a place of friendship.

But today I will not talk about the sea but about a lake. The lake that gives the quiet, the lake that's not enough because is not open and infinite as the sea, but gives us the water for drink, making less arid the lands of Sicily.

The Lake of Piana degli Albanesi, is near a small town (PIana degli Albanesi), about 20 km from Palermo, founded in 1488 by some exiles Albanians fled from their land of origin after to the invasion of the Turkey. At Piana the Byzantine culture mixes with the Baroque, influenced by Pietro Novelli. THe people continue to maintain the original traditions and customs, language Arberesh, greek orthodox religion. In Piana there are the best "cannoli", and there is also a lake.

This is an artificial lake created with a dam crossing the river Belice. This lake is surrounded by a small mountain range whose peaks are the mountains of Maganoce, Kumeta and Pizzuta.
Around the lake overlooking the nature and human technology that made him such. Everything is covered with a green and flowery mantle, there are woods in which to enjoy the shadow. You can relax, or fishing. There is a lot of free space.

You can lie down on grass fresh and enjoy a fantastic landscape, feeling the scent of nature, listen to the silence, interrupted occasionally by the hum of a bee, but at that point not terrifies because it is part of the environment.

So you can understand that I liked my picnic in Piana degli Albanesi, a sandwich with an omelette of artichokes and stay with my loved ones.

I love the infinite sea, is my passion although I'm not a great swimmer. I especially like watch and hear the sea. I like the rocks apparently uncomfortable, but really cozy and solitary.

I must admit that until now I had never shown interest in the lakes, but now is different,The lakes are beautiful and magical, and when there is a dam I imagine that the sea is not so far away, just need to follow the course of the River...

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