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Are you vegetarian? You can eat in Palermo!

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The cuisine of Palermo, is full of alternatives for those who wish not to eat meat or fish, due to the fact that it is a poor cooking it's great use of vegetables seasoned in various ways.

And now a list of traditional vegetarian dishes that you can taste in Palermo without giving up the taste and tradition:

Melenzane parmigiana, caponata, peperonata, pumpkins in sweet and sour, eggplant cutlets, omelette with zucchini flowers, peppers stuffed with breadcrumbs, cheese, raisins and pine nuts.

First courses:
Pasta alla Norma: with tomato sauce and fried eggplant.
Pasta with macco: pasta with a sort of mashed fava beans
Pasta with broccoli arriminati (attention if there are anchovies)
Pasta alla carrettiera
Pasta alla Trapanese.
Pasta with sardines ... "Overboard."

Fast food:
Cardoons, artichokes and broccoli in the batter.
Bread with Panelle and crocchè.
Sfincione (attention to the anchovy).
Arancine with and spinach (not to be misled by those known as "butter" because it contains ham too), mini pizzas.

Vegetarian pizza, vegetable couscous.

All non-fried in lard. Cassata, cassatina, Gelo di Mellone , ice-cream and slush.

There are many places where you can find all these beautiful varieties.
At our favorite restaurant "L'Antica trattoria al Monsù", they make a good Pasta alla Norma and a fantastic caponata.
A vegetarian restaurant that now prepare dishes with meat and fish (so is ok for all) is "Il Mirto e la rosa".
As for the fast food of Palermo, the city is full, simply appoint "L' Antica focacceria San Francesco", "Franco u Vastiddaru", "Nino u ballerinu", "the cuochini", etc.
Those who love the fruit, can go the fruit kiosk at Cala.
For sweets and ice cream, the choice is very wide.

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