martedì 28 ottobre 2008

Palermo seen by us

Walking through the streets of our city, sometimes we remain impressed by some details that maybe until the day before, we had not noticed.

Some small hidden treasures, strange things camouflaged among the most common things that at first sight are those that prevail and affect the attention of a passing distracted.

Theatre Massimo

There are wealth deteriorated by the time, but still retain their charm, decadent churches,

decorated balconies, mysterious alleys,

walls marked by time or by phrases of love,

posters of saints and politicians.

Streets with strange names,

churches converted into shops, trees that hug,

or details of Monuments and Churches.

It is interesting to observe these small details,

follow a different path, be guided by the city. And in Palermo, really every corner can hide something mysterious, curious to see.

Theatre Massimo

Just be careful, forgetting for a moment the hectic life of the great city, let carried by the imagination.

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